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Sharing your personal story of mental illness or mental health challenges is a very personal choice. If you or someone close to you is thinking of sharing their story for the first time, congratulations! Stories of personal experience, hope, and recovery are incredibly powerful in reducing stigma and inspiring change. 

Sharing your personal story is a process that begins long before the day you choose to share, and in order to feel comfortable with that process we suggest you consider if this is the right time for you. Sharing your personal story should be a positive experience for you, and going through the preparation process can help make that possible.  

To start, here are a few tips to keep in mind along the way:

  • Your health and wellness comes first. Make sure to always check-in with yourself along the way.

  • You’re the expert! You get to decided what you’re comfortable and not comfortable sharing.

  • Take your time. The process goes at different speeds for different individuals; the best time to share is when it feels right for you.

  • Make sure you have supportive individuals by your side throughout the process.

  • Make time to debrief. The process of sharing your story can be an emotional experience, so checking-in with a trusted friend, family member or a professional is an important step.

  • Be proud of yourself!

Please be aware that MHCT always has the health and wellbeing of our supporters in mind, MHCT may make contact with you to confirm you are comfortable with us sharing your story if you register. Please note that you can opt out of this at anytime and there is no obligation to share.