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I want a good mental health system for all Tasmanians. I pledge my support to MHCT’s ‘Moving toward a mentally healthy Tasmania'

At MHCT, we are working alongside our members and the mental health sector to ensure Tasmanians understand what a good mental health system should look like.

Following on from a collaboration with our members, we developed an election proposal for an integrated, community-managed system for mental health, wellbeing and suicide prevention in our state. You can view MHCT’s election document here. With the Liberal Party re-elected on 3 March, we are in a unique position to send a strong message to the returning government that Tasmanians expect the reform and system redesign we’ve been promised.

Because, beyond the election cycle, we need to keep Moving toward a mentally healthy Tasmania’.

The ‘Moving toward a mentally healthy Tasmania’ campaign will run over the next 12 months, encouraging our communities to collectively demand a recovery oriented, co-delivered, consumer-focused mental health system.

The time is right, and the need is there for this campaign bringing our communities, industry, consumers, carers and broader public support together to demand a mentally healthy Tasmania.

We are calling on our members and all Tasmanians to get involved in the campaign by joining the movement now.

Please share the campaign online or with friends and family. We will need your help to keep the conversation going and to spread the word. Join the movement now and we will stay in touch as the campaign builds.

We know Tasmania is falling behind other states when it comes to mental health. There are gaps and duplication in our system and people still face the stigma of mental illness.

Put simply, our communities deserve better. We can only demand and drive change if we stand together now.

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