moving toward a mentally healthy Tasmania


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We can demand and drive change if we stand together

We know Tasmania is falling behind other states when it comes to mental health. There are gaps and duplication in our system and people still face the stigma of mental illness.

Put simply, our communities deserve better.


A better mental health system means better mental health outcomes, for all of us.

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Karalyn Hingston 

"A person’s access to treatment should not depend upon the resources they have access to." 


Clare, OzHelp Foundation Tasmania 

“I know it sounds clichéd, but when you get a chance to bring about change within an organisation and support a new approach to workplace mental health, you really do feel like you’ve made a difference”.

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Jeff, Bethlehem House

“When men stay with us, it means they are pretty vulnerable, so to be able to offer a bed, a meal and some support, every day, that’s a good feeling that you can’t really get in many other jobs.”